Fandango Registration

To register for Fandango! 2019, you can either download our registration form and snailmail it with your personal check, or you can pay online.

o  Snailmail with your check:  Print the registration form at and send it in with your personal check.

o  Pay online using your credit card:

  • Below, using the drop down menu, you will be able to choose the full weekend and/or individual sessions. You can also register multiple dancers, one at a time, if you like. 

  • What is REALLY, REALLY important is that, for each item you choose, you provide the NAME of the dancer who is registering for that weekend or session (as they would like their name to be printed on their dance button). Please remember that we may not recognize your email address, so this is your only chance to give us a name for your button!!!  

  • NOTE:  Each time you choose an item and click "add to cart," you will automatically be taken to the Paypal site.  If you have another item to purchase, simply click the "continue shopping" button at the top right of the screen, and it will bring you back to this page to place additional orders. When you are finished adding dancers or sessions, you can check out at paypal.

  • After registering for Fandango! 2019 . . . . If you need our assistance obtaining housing with a local dancer, please send us an email, providing us with the following information:  (a) your name and the names of any other dancers for whom you are requesting housing; (b) how many beds you need; (c) whether you are a smoker; (d) any specific allergies you have, i.e. pets, etc. Please put "HOUSING" in the subject line of the email. Our email address is:

  • To get started, make your selection below, give the dancer's name, & click on the Paypal button.  (NOTE: If you don't see the paypal menu & button above, then please try a different browser! We've tested it on Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, and it works on all of them. For some reason, it doesn't work on Microsoft Edge)