English Country Dance Atlanta
has been producing its annual dance weekend, Fandango!, since 1995. 
Below is a list of every year's caller and band. 
In addition, there are links to YouTube videos of select dances,
produced by Jim Crawford, local dancer and videographer.
(additional video clips can be found on Jim's page!)

2019 Fandango! --- Caller Joanna Reiner Wilkinson and Band Alchemy (Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell, and Eric Martin

Weekend Workshops:

"Around the Corner"
This workshop will explore a variety of dances that feature corner figures. We'll explore longways and set dances, a variety of meters, old favorites, as well as recent compositions.

"Going in Circles"
ECD workshops are an opportunity to work on technique - not only new figures, but how to dance them well. This workshop will focus on circles, and how every dancer plays a part in creating satisfying circles in dances. This workshop will also review the more challenging ball dances.

"What's New?"
As a fun end to the weekend, we'll dance new and recent additions to the ECD canon. Requests welcome!

Saturday Evening Program:

The Ragg
Bellamira:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCfyfeJOi3s
Terry's Triad
Jack's Health:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhKen5MWTZE
Companions:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFFhfFnb03I
Siege of Limerick:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPGiHdyi7iE

Plum Thursday: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v10yI7hweM
Leather Lake House
Whately Barn
Ashford Anniversary
Trip To Provence

Other Dances from the Weekend:

2018 Fandango! --- Caller Brooke Friendly with Band Roguery (Anita Anderson, Dave Bartley, Jim Oakden and Shira Kammen )

Saturday Morning Workshop:  "Unpublished Impropriety"
Saturday Afternoon Workshop:  "
Dancing the Whole Dance" (including the following video clips)


The Fine Companion  https://youtu.be/RMzWLsAEI44

De Novo  https://youtu.be/HFtNYuLTFBk


Saturday Evening Ball (including the following video clips)


Marjorie's Sou'wester  https://youtu.be/hjnPOLU3P1U

Flora and Phaon  https://youtu.be/xh13_cMnYuc

A New Leaf  https://youtu.be/KyIGC0d_D7c

The Chocolate Equation  https://youtu.be/IjSSe-XxEcw

The Potter's Wheel  https://youtu.be/1FDVUVv968A

2017 Fandango! ~~~ Caller Tom Amesse with band Bare Necessities (Kate Barnes, Mara Shea, Earl Gaddis and Jacqueline Schwab)
Saturday Morning ECD Workshop:  The Music Will Tell You What to Do
Saturday Afternoon Workshop:  Making Connections
Saturday Evening Ball  (dances with links to youtube have an asterisk after the name) 
Enfield Wash
The Introduction
Dunant House Waltz
Smithy Hill
Good Man of Cambridge

Saturday Afternoon Dances on YouTube

2016 Fandango! ~~~ Caller Joseph Pimentel with band Goldcrest (Daron Douglas, Paul Oorts & Dave Wiesler)
Saturday Morning ECD Workshop:  English Dances from the Goldcrest Collection
Saturday Afternoon Workshop:  Advanced English Country Dances
Saturday Evening Ball  (dances with links to YouTube have an asterisk after the name)
Mary K
We Meet Again
Fandango, The
Rafe's Waltz
Waltham Abbey
Well Done Jack
Dances from the Afternoon Sessions on YouTube:
Winter in Brasstown*
St. Margaret's Hill*
Mile of Smiles*

2015 Fandango! ~~~ Caller  Brad Foster with band Foxfire!  ...A program chart is available here:    Dance List
Saturday Afte
rnoon Workshops:
   -- Morning Workshop:  The Art of Reconstruction
   -- Afternoon Workshop:  Modern Treasures

    Select Dance Videos:
2014 Fandango! ~~~ Caller Joanna Reiner with Music by Bare Necessities

Saturday morning’s workshop will be on maintaining symmetry and shape of the dance through phrasing and creating non-physical connections. Saturday afternoon will be on circles and squares - a look at set dances new and old. Sunday’s workshop will feature dances by Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly - their dances are designed to be gender neutral and have great music!

Saturday Night "Ball" Videos:

Fandango! 2013 ~~~ Caller Bruce Hamilton with Bare Necessities


FANDANGO! 2012  ~~~ Caller Joanna Reiner with music by Karen Axelrod, Naomi Morse and Anna Patton

 Saturday/Sunday Workshop Program
Saturday: Making it Your Own
Saturday Afternoon: Modern ECD Favorites
Saturday Evening: English Country Dance Ball:
Jack's Health
Hudson Barn
Fast Friends
Hole in the Wall
Dusty Miller
Old Wife Behind the Fire
Mulberry Garden
Stepping Stones
Jacque Latin

FANDANGO! 2011 ~~~ Principal Caller Scott Higgs, Special Caller Loretta Holz, Music by Joyful Noise (Barbara Greenberg, Daniel Beerbohm and Kathy Talvitie)

Loretta Workshop --Dancing Across the Atlantic and Beyond

This workshop will focus on dances from Loretta's book, Dancing Across the Atlantic, and also include new dances which will appear in her next book. Known for their unique story lines and outstanding tunes, Loretta's dances are carefully crafted to flow well so they are accessible to new dancers and fun for experienced dancers. In Set & Turn Single Val MacFarlane said " Her dances are always interesting and distinctive but not too challenging so dancers can enjoy varying the steps and have fun interacting with one another (after all this is social dancing!)" Loretta specializes in using tunes by contemporary American composers including Jonathan Jensen and Charlene Thomson. During this workshop you will enjoy their wonderful tunes and discover just how much fun English Country Dancing can be! 

Dances from the Weekend
FRIDAY EVENING:  La Gavre, Yellow Stockings. Contras: Sligo Advocate; Appetizer; Frederick Contra; Pedal Pushers; Heartbeat Contra; Valley Flourish; Contra Cordions; Blackbird in the Night

SATURDAY MORNING:  Dancing Wife; Heather Towers; From Inverness; Wa is Me; After Dinner Maggot; Hazelfern Place; Hudson Barn; Winter Solstice; Homecoming

SATURDAY AFTERNOON:  Mendocino Redwood; Astonished Archaeologist; Minor Spaniard; Autumn in Amherst; Mr Ganiford's Maggot; Dusty Miller; Impropriety; Sally in our Alley; Jack's Health

SATURDAY EVENING:  Christina; Lilliburlero; Turning By Threes; Sun Assembly; Jacob Hall's Jig; Elizabeth; Kelsterne Gardens; Elverton Grove; Bar a Bar; Leslie's Valentine; Key to the Cellar; Alice; Ashford Anniversary; Barbarini's Tambourine

SUNDAY MORNING:  Take a Dance; Leather Lake House; Margaret's Waltz; Good Man of Cambridge; Easter Tuesday; Hambletons Round O; Physical Snob; Easter Morn; Fandango; Jaque Lat


Leading Man; Thanks to Mr Playford; The Belle of the Ball; Fickle; A Southern Gentleman; Autumn Tapestry; Candles in the Dark


FANDANGO! 2010 ~~~ Caller Gene Murrow with Music by A Joyful Noise!


Saturday Workshops

"Remembering Fried Herman"

A survey of some of Fried's best dances, from the early publications in the 1970's through late masterpieces like "In the Sere," with elucidation of Fried's particular preferences in movement, music, and pedagogy. For over 40 years, Fried and Gene had periods of close agreement and collaboration as well as sharp disagreements, all of which helped shape Fried's legacy of teaching, recordings, and dances, and informed Gene's appreciation of her work in context.

"Nat'l. Kynaston and a Person of Quality"

Thousands of English country dances were published in the 17th and 18th centuries by John Playford, his successors, and competitors. With very few exceptions, none of the tunes or figures was attributed to the composer or choreographer. A major exception was Nathaniel Kynaston, to whom John Walsh devoted several editions of his annual collections of country dances from 1711 to 1718. Kynaston, in turn, promoted the dances of an anonymous contemporary, identified only as "a person of quality" in Walsh's collections. Both exhibit a distinctive "voice" in their creations and in the reconstructions by Tom Cook and Andrew Shaw that have made both popular.
Saturday Evening Dance Party

(Choreographers and composers of contemporary dances are indicated in parenthesis. Other dances are from the 17th and 18th centuries, though in many cases reconstructed by modern dancing masters.)

First Set:  Cockle Shells, Delia, The Tuneful Nightingale, Autumn in Amherst, Pat's Tradition, Sally in our Alley, Chocolate Equation, Heartland, Old Wife Behind the Fire

Second Set:  Hazelfern Place, Bloomsberry Market, Fandango, Michael and All Angels, Red and All Red, Hambleton's Round O, When Laura Smiles

Extras and/or Sunday Morning

Bar A Bar, Far Away (G. Roodman), Handel With Care (G. Roodman), Hudson Barn (Schwab/Hammond), Muriel's Measure (C. Hume), Turn of the Tide (R. Coxall), Walpole Cottage (P. Shaw), Braes of Dornoch, Fenterlarick (J. Walker), Smithy Hill (T. Cook), Elizabeth (C. Hume), Miss deJersey's Memorial (P. Shaw), Indian Princess (C. Hume)

FANDANGO -- ALL YEARS PAST (Callers and Musicians)

1995    Brad Foster  with  Jacqueline Schwab, Daron Douglas & Earl Gaddis
1996    Brad Foster    “
1997    Bruce Hamilton    “
1998    Scott Higgs    “
1999    Gene Murrow    “
2000    Gene Murrow    “
2001    Susan Kevra    “   + Russ Barenberg
2002    Gene Murrow    “
2003    Scott Higgs    “
2004    Gene Murrow    “
2005    Brad Foster    “
2006    Robin Hayden    “
2007    David Millstone    “
2008    Michael Cicone    “
2009    David Millstone    “
2010    Gene Murrow    A Joyful Noise
2011    Scott Higgs    A Joyful Noise
2012    Joanna Reiner with Karen Axelrod, Naomi Morse & Anna Patton
2013    Bruce Hamilton with Bare Necessities
2014    Joanna Reiner with Bare Necessities
2015    Brad Foster with Foxfire
2016    Joseph Pimentel with Goldcrest